Students who are Carers

Students who are Carers

There are many young people in NI who currently take on an unpaid caring role and this has a major impact on their education, well-being and career choices. 

Many students combine studying with care or support for a family member, friend or partner. Juggling such responsibilities with academic study can be challenging and can place additional stress on a student’s own health. 

At SWC we feel it is important that student Carers are supported throughout their time with us. We are committed to being as accessible and inclusive as possible and will endeavour to break any barriers that student carers may face while studying at SWC. 

We understand Student Carers may need time out to call home, extra time to complete assignments and access to information regarding Carers rights and services that might be available to them.

If you are a student carer and would like to speak to someone before starting SWC or during your time with us, please contact: 

Carers Lead 

Sharon Pritchard