Student Charter

South West College values each individual student and trainee and each one has the following rights:
  • South West College will provide a friendly, welcoming atmosphere for all clients.
  • South West College has an Equal Opportunities Policy. All students and trainees are entitled to enjoy and use all of the facilities that the College offers. Any mistreatment of an individual because of race, religion, gender, sexual orientation or disability will be treated as a disciplinary matter.
  • Students are entitled to an induction programme which introduces them to the College and to their own particular programme.
  • Students are entitled to have previous achievements and qualifications recognised and valued.
  • Students are entitled to an individual learning plan.
  • Students are entitled to know how they will learn and how they will be assessed and accredited.
  • Students are entitled to assessment which is fair and unbiased.
  • Students are entitled to be treated with respect by other students and by staff.
  • Students are entitled to help and support with problems that are affecting their learning.
  • Students are entitled to teaching of a standard that allows them the opportunity to achieve their particular aspirations.
In addition to rights, each student and trainee has a responsibility to themselves, to their fellow students and to the college.

In order to fulfil a student's own potential and in order to contribute to a hospitable environment for all:
  • Each student is expected to treat other students and College staff with respect.
  • Each student is expected to treat the College premises and equipment with respect.
  • Each student is expected to attend all classes/lectures/workshops punctually.
  • Each student is expected to carry out work or assessments set by College staff by set submission dates.
  • Each student is expected to carry out reasonable instructions given by College staff.
  • Each student is expected to comply with College regulations.
  • Each student is expected to act in a manner ensuring Health & Safety for themselves and others.