Financial Guide to Fees

Financial Guide to Fees

Course Fees

Course Fees are listed in the course timetable provided. 


Students will be contacted to pay tuition fees when the College is in a position to accept online payments. 

HAVING DIFFICULTY PAYING FEES?  Students aged 18 years or over and experiencing financial hardship may apply to the Hardship Fund for financial assistance.  Assistance from the hardship fund is means tested and can only be provided once all other sources of funding have been exhausted.  Forms available from mid-September 2020.

Part-Time Further Education Tuition Fees 

Students paying Further Education tuition fees less than £200 – Full payment must be made when the College is in a position to accept online payments.  

Part-Time Further Education Fees by Direct Debit
Students paying Further Education tuition fees of £200 or more can pay in 4 equal instalments: with the first instalment due when the College is in a position to accept payment, in the form of Cash, Cheque or Credit Card and the balance due in 3 further instalments to be collected by direct debit on 27 November 2020, 29 January 2021, and 26 March 2021. Direct Debit Mandate Forms must be downloaded from our Website, duly completed and brought along to the College Induction Session for collection by Finance
In the event of the above presenting hardship to the student, the College will endeavour to provide a mutual flexible arrangement.

Download Direct Debit Mandate Form

Education Authority (EA) Grants
Some students may be entitled to an Education Authority (EA) grant which has a maximum fee value of £465.00. These students must apply for the grant through the Education Authority (EA) and must pay the College the relevant tuition fee by 4 equal instalments as above.   If the student is awarded the grant, the College will invoice the Education Authority (EA) for the amount allocated and a refund will be generated to the student on receipt of a copy of the letter stating the confirmation from the Education Authority (EA). 

Courses that last for more than one year

Students must re-enrol and pay relevant fees for any further year(s) of study when the College is in a position to accept on-line payment.  Students will be contacted by the College throughout the first semester.

Payment of Fees by Employer/Sponsor

If your employer is paying your course and/or exam fees, a letter from your employer or a completed SWC Employer Fee Confirmation Form must be uploaded to the Portal on application stating their commitment to paying such fees and giving a name and address for invoicing purposes.  Please ensure Order Number is noted on the form, if required by the Employer for invoicing purposes.

Employer Fee Confirmation Forms must be downloaded from our Website, duly completed and uploaded to the Portal.

Download Employer Fee Confirmation Form

Please Note: Tuition fees are advertised on a yearly basis for courses of two or more year’s duration. 

Refunds Policy

Once the appropriate fees have been paid and a student has been accepted on a course normally a refund will not be issued unless the course is cancelled by the College.  The following exceptions shall apply:

  • When a student is prevented by a serious medical condition from attending a course and as a result will be unable to resume studies in a future academic period, then if this can be verified by a doctor’s certificate, a refund will be considered.

  • If, due to unforeseen personal circumstances a student is unable to complete their current course of study, they may be permitted to transfer their enrolment to the next appropriate academic period. Alternatively, the College will consider issuing a credit note, which may be used for future enrolments within the College.

An administration fee of £20 will be charged per refund generated.
Refund Request Form must be completed and forwarded to South West College Finance Department, 2 Mountjoy Road, Omagh, Co Tyrone BT79 7AH or email a scanned/photographed  copy to