BCT Mandarin Chinese Course

Course Area Overview

商務 BCT (A) 線上漢語普通話課程

South West College has developed a pioneering online programme offering Mandarin Chinese, which has been designed to develop basic communication skills in a real Chinese business environment.

About the qualification

This officially recognised BCT Mandarin Chinese qualification is aimed at those interested in language for business with China. The initial course is aimed at Business beginners learning introductory Mandarin Chinese for meeting Chinese business partners, plus an understanding of Chinese business etiquette for business activities. There will be the opportunity to progress through levels leading eventually, at Level 5, to enable engagement in business meetings conducted in Mandarin Chinese.


The BCT (A) online course, which is the first of its kind, will give learners the unique opportunity to gain the basic and essential fundamentals of Chinese business language, etiquette and understanding. It encompasses four aspects of learning: listening, speaking, reading and writing.

Course Content

  • Meeting & Greeting

  • Business Etiquette & Essentials

  • Communicating

  • Appointments & Reservations

  • Diary Management

  • Customer Service

  • Directions

  • Service Assistance

  • Travel

  • Dining Out/Entertaining

Course Delivery

This course is delivered online with tutorial support available from SWC Confucius Hub Mandarin Chinese tutors. The course is accredited by Hanban, China.

Mode of Attendance

Online – number of hours: 40 (2 years maximum)


£212 (plus exam fee)

For further information please contact: Linda Beatty, SWC Confucius Hub Project Officer (linda.beatty@swc.ac.uk or 028 8225 5220)

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Why not take our free short course, "Business in China - What You Need To Know" and see if you could benefit from learning Mandarin Chinese -http://www.coursesites.com/s/_BCTSWC