Engineering Hub

The Engineering Hub: linking Education and Industry for a better Engineered Future 

Northern Ireland has a vibrant and highly sophisticated engineering and advanced manufacturing sector. Experience spans across aerospace, materials handling, electronics and consumer products, and within these sectors Northern Ireland has built a world-class reputation. 

The Engineering Hub concept was introduced by the Department for the Economy in June 2017 to help further grow Engineering in the country and saw South West College become the designated Further Education hub for Engineering.   

Since then, South West College has linked with the other five colleges in Northern Ireland and drawn upon sectoral knowledge in order to combine high quality engineering education with employer engagement across the country, resulting in the best possible progression in skills and technology development. 

The Engineering Hub regularly reviews the Engineering curriculum on offer to students in Northern Ireland to ensure it’s relevance to business and industry and to ensure progression all the way to degree level is available to students. It also supports the development of shared curriculum materials for use across colleges in Northern Ireland. 

The Hub has an emphasis on continuing Professional Development – ensuring that the curriculum is delivered by appropriately qualified staff – and on economic engagement and the assurance that companies in industry will be engaged with appropriately and by the provider best served to meet their needs. 

Central to this is communication. The Hub is the primary point of contact for DfE, government departments and other public bodies for inward investment, up-skilling and skills development initiatives.  

Finally, the Hub aims to be future proof. The education curriculum is built through future thinking and staff and students are provided for as such, so that education can continue to feed an industry that will grow and flourish in the years ahead.