Celebration of Success

Celebration of Success 2020

This years Celebration of Success will be conducted on the College’s Social Media channels to celebrate our students achievements this year.  Information about award winners will be released week commencing 22.06.20. 

Celebrate along with all our fantastic students on Facebook www.facebook.com/thesouthwestcollege or Instagram www.instagram.com/swccollege

Want to Celebrate in Style??

The Celebration of Success is an exciting and vibrant event within the College calendar, and we feel that, despite the current circumstances, your achievement should not be celebrated any differently. Join in with the celebrations by forwarding us your own video about your time at the college. Or why not participate in this virtual event by recording your own “#ThankYou” speech e.g. https://twitter.com/HollyParkerLife/status/1259523007812374529?s=20 - don’t forget to tag us on @swccollege.

Here's Snoop Dogg with a little lesson on how to give a humble acceptance speech...