Farm Life


Students will go through a day in the life of a dairy farmer, learning skills in microbiology, chemistry, biology, robotics and engineering. Taking a step onto the dairy farm pupils will look at milk production and how it gets from the farm to the shop. Finally, students will have to navigate around tight corners with “farm machinery” to make sure all the silage is brought in before the rain catches us!

Level: Key Stage 2

Workshop Details

1. Milk It Milk It, will teach students about how milk is produced on a farm, it will allow them to use a range of microbiology lab techniques to measure the fat contents in different types of milk. They will learn how fat can change the state of milk using “magic” chemistry.
2. Hit the Diff'

Students will become farm engineers, they will use the robotics and the programming software to collect the round bales. They will first have to use their mathematics skills to map out a route to collect all the bales, in the fastest time.

Booking Details:

Duration: 10am - 12:40pm
Max no. Students: 30
Level: Key Stage 2
Admission: £5.00 per student
A break will be allocated at approx. 11:10am, students are advised to bring a snack.

For further information or to book 'Farm Life' please get in touch: E: T: 028 8772 0644