Eco Design School


Come join us for an environmentally themed design workshop. Students will go through two workshops where they will use Photoshop techniques and stop motion animation techniques, all themed around recycling and the environment.

Level: Key Stage 2

Workshop Details

In this workshop students will be introduced to stop motion animation and then will then be tasked with creating their own environmental advert.

This workshop allows the students to master there Photoshop skills when they make a recycling promotion poster, they can take back and put up in there school.

Booking Details:

Duration: 10am - 12:40pm
Max no. Students: 20
Level: Key Stage 2
Admission: £5.00 per student
A break will be allocated at approx. 11:10am, students are advised to bring a snack.

For further information or to book 'Eco Design School' please get in touch: E: T: 028 8772 0644