STEM Training Clinics

Encouraging students to embed STEM technologies and resources into curriculum projects. 

Book your class into one of the STEM Training Clinics for an introduction on the technologies available in the STEM Centre. Students will develop new skills and knowledge that will enable enhancement of projects and assessment material.  On completion of the training clinic lecturers can book a series of dates to use the technology during timetabled hours or students can use the drop in facility available on Wednesdays. 



3D printing is an innovative technology that lets you create a physical object from a digital 3D model. This clinic introduces students to the Ultimaker 2+ and print preparation software Cura.  Students will learn how to prepare their pre-designed CAD models in Cura software, set up the Ultimaker  and print their 3D Model. 

Note: students are required to bring their pre-designed CAD model as an stl file.

Max No. students: 10 


If a picture says a thousand words then what can we achieve with video? The animation clinic will give students the opportunity to experience stop motion animation and also learn the basic techniques to create a fun and engaging piece of animation. Students can chose from Lego, Stikbots or Claymation for the class and will be shown green screen and lighting effects.

Note: on completion of the training clinic a series of dates will be scheduled for students to complete their curriulum related project using the technology available.

Max No. students: 2 


LittleBits are a platform of easy-to-use electronic building blocks empowering everyone to create inventions, large and small. Color-coded electronic Bits snap together with magnets for foolproof inventing.  This clinic will provide an overview of the Bits, ready for you to use with your class to engineer real world solutions relevant to your curriculum  through invention. 

Note: lecturer must advise of the curriculum project prior to the training clinic.

Max No. students: 20   


Participation in this clinic will inspire creative thinking, using design to create learning experiences that help students unlock their creative potential and apply it to the world. This clinic will challenge students to tackle problems that are happening right now, not the ones from a textbook page.

Note: the ‘problem’ will be identified by the lecturer to fit within their curriculum subject

Max No. students: 2 


Design hacks for the inexperienced. The Design clinic offers simple, but effective, tips and tricks to enhance your projects. From Social Media graphics to event posters, this clinic will address style and typography, giving students the tools to create their own modern designs.

Note: lecturer must advise of the curriculum project prior to the training clinic.

Max No. students: 1 
Note: these are introductory training clinics, students and lecturers are encouraged to research further with the support of the STEM team on how to utilise the technologies most appropriately within your curriculum.


To book a STEM Training Clinic please complete the booking form below, a member of the STEM team will be in contact to confirm your booking. 

Note: we are currently working on the booking form,  if you would like to request a training clinic please contact us at