STEM Centre engages a new augmented reality project with Sentireal.

STEM Centre engages a new augmented reality project with Sentireal.
October, 2015
The South West College STEM Centre is delighted to begin work on a new augmented reality mobile app project with Sentireal® Ltd. Sentireal has a vision of a future in which technology beneficially extends how we perceive and interact with our world and with each other. This complements the STEM Centre’s vision “to have a space where students learning can be enhanced through working with other students and interacting with the modern high-tech facilities in a relaxing and welcoming environment” and has resulted in an exciting new development around the use of augmented reality technology to enhance learning of STEM concepts.

Augmented reality creates a digitally-enhanced view of the real world using smartphones, tablet computers and wearable “smart glasses”, an effect similar to the head-up displays traditionally associated with aircraft and premium cars.

The collaboration involves development of an educational mobile app that allows students to experience digital media realistically overlaid on the physical materials and activities that the STEM Centre provides. Dr David Trainor, founder of Sentireal has said this project will “engage, enlighten and inspire students by using digital media to connect STEM concepts to the world around them in a very intuitive way”. To aid development of this project Sentireal Ltd was awarded a techstart NI Proof of Concept Grant. techstart NI was established by Invest Northern Ireland as part of its Access to Finance strategy and is part-financed by the European Regional Development Fund.