InnoTech helps Dublin company to make great strides in renewables industry

InnoTech helps Dublin company to make great strides in renewables industry
May, 2015
The InnoTech Centre of South West College is pleased to announce the completion of a cross border FUSION project with CES Energy in Dublin, as part of the InterTradeIreland funded programme.
FUSION is InterTradeIreland's all-island technology transfer programme, which aims to assist companies bolster their bottom line and get ahead of the competition by partnering their company with a third-level institution with the specialist expertise they need and a high calibre science, engineering or technology graduate.

During the 18 month project, the South West College assisted CES Energy and the FUSION graduate with the completion of a comprehensive R&D programme and feasibility study on a new renewable energy technology for the solar industry. 
Initial research was conducted to highlight the need for this product and concept designs were produced using 3D CAD models. A feasibility study showed how the designed concept would work economically in the real world and reported detailed findings to the managing director of CES Energy.
Upon completion of the project, Engineering Co-ordinator at the InnoTech Centre, Matthew Quigley said:

“We are delighted to have worked with this dynamic company and are extremely pleased with how the project concluded. CES Energy is a company making great strides in the renewables industry, having identified an opportunity to design a renewable energy technology that would augment their place in the renewable energy field and recruiting a highly-skilled graduate through the FUSION programme, which has proven to be highly successful.”
Jim Harrold, project manager and FUSION supervisor added:

“We are truly delighted with the outcome of this FUSION project. The project provided us with valuable information and embedded knowledge and experience into the business. Overall we found the whole experience worthwhile and compelling.”

The South West College has now successfully completed six FUSION projects with companies across the Republic of Ireland.  The South West College is currently working with companies in Counties Cavan, Sligo and Monaghan to provide support with new product development and process improvements. The South West College also recently tendered for a further FUSION project in County Kildare, with a further potential project anticipated in County Louth.

The FUSION programme is a very attractive opportunity for companies, with support packages worth up to £44,250/€52,800, typically in the area of new product/service development for an 18 month project or a 12 month project worth £31,000/€37,000, typically in the area of process improvement.  It involves 50% funding of the graduate’s employment costs whilst linking the company to the research knowledge that exists within the partner college.  

For further information on the InnoTech Centre or the FUSION programme, please contact the InnoTech Centre on tel 048 8225 5223 or email Helix InterTradeIreland can be contacted on tel 028 3083 4123 or visit