Innovation Vouchers

With Invest Northern Ireland’s Innovation Vouchers Programme. Simple, straightforward and effective, Innovation Vouchers can help you to access expertise from universities, colleges and research bodies in Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland to:
  • Develop innovative solutions to your business issues.
  • Add new dimensions to products, services or processes.

An Invest NI Innovation Voucher *worth £4k could allow your business to work with one of our highly respected universities, colleges or research bodies.

The CALL is now live. Apply by 3pm on 22 June 2015.

* The award of Innovation Vouchers is dependent on budget availability within Invest NI.

For more information contact: Aaron Black, South West College

T: 0845 603 1881 ext: 4224

Innovation is about doing things differently or doing different things to make your business better. An innovation voucher can help you take a creative approach to tackling specific business issues.

Projects such as:-
  • Ideas for new or improved products, processes and services.
  • Development of new business models
  • Product and service testing
  • Access to information and expertise on new materials
  • Tapping into research and scientific expertise.
There are some activities that are not supported, such as:-
  • Achieving compliance with statutory regulations or legislation
  • Standard Training Courses
  • Software purchases and basic software development
  • Aid that would promote/subsidise the cost of exports
  • Internships for students of knowledge institutions
  • General marketing activities
  • Sales activities
  • Website development and online optimisation
  • Standard Iphone apps
  • Business plans and economic appraisals
  • Activities that might be supported by other Invest NI mainstream assistance.
To apply, logon to the website at to download and complete the application form. Your application form will be assessed and if successful you’ll received an Innovation Voucher to the value of £4000.00. VAT needs to be paid after each project has been completed.

There are 41 approved knowledge skills providers, InnoTech Centre is one of those providers and we can assist you in completing the your application form.

You are eligible for the programme if:
  • you are a small enterprise with fewer than 50 employees and either an annual turnover and / or an annual balance sheet not exceeding 10million OR you are a medium-sized enterprise with fewer than 250 employees and either an annual turnover not exceeding 50million or balance sheet total not exceeding 43million.
  • you have not received assistance through Invest NI’s R&D programme in the past 5 years.
Companies in the South of Ireland can apply for Innovation Vouchers via where applications form can be downloaded and completed.