Case studies



Profile: Joanne came up with the idea after receiving a gift representing some of London's most iconic landmarks and realised that Derry didn't really have any craft sets representing the city, and that a product featuring some of our most iconic landmarks could be really popular as a gift during 2013. And that was essentially the basic premise - how to go about producing a high quality product that showcased Derry-Londonderry in an affordable, transportable format.

Project: Joanne Doherty from Piecemakers came to the IDEA Centre with a Product Range that needed to be set up for manufacture. IDEA Centre staff mentored Joanne on bespoke design and best practices of setting up parts for laser cutting. The IDEA Centre was also able to assist Joanne in producing her first production parts. Piecemakers have recently purchased a laser cutter in order to grow the business.

Birdseye Kite Photography - Unique photography from the air


Profile: Birdseye Kite Photography is small company based in Fermanagh, which specialises in capturing unique aerial images using a kite to lift the camera.

Project: Create an aerial kite photography rig suitable for children. So the concept can be introduced into schools.

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