Over the last three years the College has become more outward and forward looking in its business processes. The concept of globalisation, technical innovation and the internationalisation of travel mean that it is possible for a College to now offer its services outside its region.

It is also important for the organisational health of the College that a strong focus is placed on the international exchange of staff, students and knowledge. It is ironic that as a region there has been some regression in our outward looking approach, considering that emigration was often the only passport for personal and professional development in the past 200 years. Therefore, it is important that the College now follows a development pathway that opens up global engagement for its

The college is currently creating partnerships in new and developing markets such as Brazil, Russia, The Gulf Region, China, Eurasia and India all provide for managed business opportunities. The College will over the next three years build capacity to create a body of work outside this region.

The College also has a key role in supporting the regional agenda for Foreign Direct Investment (FDI).