Our Charity of Choice

Why we chose Helping Hand Charity

For many years SWC has raised money for a host of charities through a wide variety of fundraising events. In this academic year 15/16 through the Health Wellbeing committee it was decided that staff should be given the option to vote for one nominated charity the SWC Charity of choice.The idea behind this initiative was to provide a focus for a substantial fundraising drive that will forge a strong bond between the College and the selected charity. This led to a staff survey with an overwhelming percentage, over 30% opting for Royal Belfast Hospital for Sick Children Charity.

Royal Belfast Hospital for Sick Children has touched the lives of many of our staff and students through the exceptional work that the charity carries out for children and their families on a daily basis.

Helping Hand Charity was established by the medical staff at the Royal Belfast Hospital for Sick Children in 1997 with the single aim of helping the children in their care.

Helping Hand is an independent Charity which operates through a board of trustees and fundraises exclusively for “The Children’s Hospital”.

Increasing pressures on the National Health Service make it essential to find additional sources of revenue – to provide the best equipment, to fund research, education and to support the immediate needs of children and their parents.

The Royal Belfast Hospital for Sick Children has been caring for children since 1873. Today Royal Children’s is a dedicated children’s hospital which functions as a district general hospital and also houses most of the Pediatric Regional specialties for Northern Ireland.

By supporting Helping Hand, you will be helping to purchase vital new equipment to diagnose and treat the hospital’s young patients, to provide facilities and services for families and to fund research into children’s illnesses.

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