Digital Futures Graduate Programme - Employers

Digital Futures (Cyber) Graduate Programme - Employers

The Digital Futures Graduate Management Programme has been funded through the Department for the Economy’s Skills Intervention Programme and will be delivered by the Further Education Sector.

The UK’s Industrial Strategy highlights the critical importance of a talented workforce to meet current and future industry demands.  The economic impact of Covid-19 has brought into sharp focus the urgent skills challenges facing the Northern Ireland region.  Existing economic challenges prevail, though exacerbated, and structural changes to our economy pose further dilemmas.  The skills required for a post-pandemic world - digital skills, design thinking, entrepreneurship, and innovation - will be crucial to Northern Ireland’s recovery.  Lack of digital skills and capacity has already been shown to exacerbate regional disparities, and this will grow in a post-Covid world. It is therefore essential to build the digital capacity of our workforce.  

Employers if you are interested in a fully funded graduate placement opportunity Click Here to enquire. The programme commences April 2021.

Applications have now closed for this programme.‚Äč

For more information please call 028 8225 0109