Enterprise workshops

The following workshops are available for groups and classes. Please contact the Enterprise co-ordinator to book in for a workshop by emailing Dominic.mcgeown@swc.ac.uk
Introduction to Entrepreneurship Marketing yourself and your business Business IDEATION workshop
This workshop will make students aware of what entrepreneurship is and the opportunities available within it. Students will be given small tasks to identify how entrepreneurial they actually are. Market yourself and your business in order to reach full potential! Students will be introduced to the various methods which  can be used to effectively market both themselves and their business. Students will be guided through a range of thinking processes to try and identify what business ideas they can come up with and how to make this business a reality.
Suitable for: All students Suitable for: Any student who wants to be more entrepreneurial and would like to learn how to market themselves Suitable for: Students who are interested in entrepreneurship but have no business plan
How to sell online Building a business model canvas   Pitching your business  
This workshop is a demonstration of how businesses can be started online. During this session, various e-commerce techniques will be identified and students will be taught how they can begin their own e-business In this interactive workshop, students will be building their business idea into a full business model canvas. This workshop will give students an idea of what they need to consider when planning their business. This workshop will build students skills used in pitching their business. Students will take part in various interactive activities put in place to building their confidence and skill set in pitching.
Suitable for: Students who have an interest in selling online or the process involved in e-commerce Suitable for: Students who have a business idea but have not fully thought the idea through yet Suitable for: Any students like would like to work on their presentation or pitching skills and would be willing to take part in interactive tasks