Niche 2019

NICHE is a digital creative expo event aimed at raising awareness of opportunities and practices within the design and development of creative solutions to modern business practices. In particular the event explores 3D design, asset creation, PBR texturing workflows, effective presentation of work and has a focus on game design and game art methodologies. This year is our biggest event yet with speakers from companies such as Ubisoft Massive, Ubisoft Reflections and Sumo Digital present. Our speakers have worked on AAA releases such as The Division 2. The event will also allow interested parties to have their portfolio reviewed by a number of artists and help perspective individuals gain insight into what working in the game industry entails.

Download Brochure (includes Bios and Schedule for the day)


Kim Aava

Portfolio, insight into DICE practices and expectations

Kim is Lead 3D Artist at EA DICE. Kim has a wide variety of experience working with both AAA titles to newly started VR ones. She is also occasionally teaching courses at game art related educations in Stockholm. Her workshop will give an insight to our review processes and expectations when looking at potential new recruits, specifically tailored towards Artists.

Donal Philips

Business in Game Development

With over 10 years games industry experience, Donal started his career as a community manager for Jagex before moving on to a variety of roles with Electronic Arts, Relentless Software & Microsoft whilst working within the indie sector. Donal is currently Digital Executive at NI screen and he will be talking about the business end of game development.

Hannah Watts

PBR Texturing of AAA Game Assets - Giving props character and appeal.

In this workshop Hannah will explore how to approach the texturing of a AAA game prop using Substance Painter. The workshop will cover techniques that help establish a prop with narrative context and appeal.

"Hannah is a Senior Artist at Coatsink, an indie studio in the North-East of England. She has been in the games industry since 2014 after graduating from Abertay University, and has experience in both stylised 3D for mobile and realistic PBR prop creation. Hannah's focus within her art is to capture the often-overlooked details and environmental storytelling that bring props and game environments to life."

Leonardo Iezzi

Environment creation with a triple A mindset : Getting the most out of the project you are working on, learning from the triple-A game productions focusing on storytelling and the details of your scene.

Leonardo Iezzi currently works as a Senior Environment Artist on The Divisionv2 at Ubisoft Reflections. In the past he had the pleasure of working for Sony, PUBCorp, lkait and other smaller teams, as well as a freelance during his spare time.

Rhianne Murphy

Sumo Digital, Narative Designer

A designer in the games industry for 2+ years with experience in Level and Narrative Design. Completed a BSc in Games Design and Technology before starting an internship with Sumo Digital in 2017, where she has recently shipped her first title Crackdown 3. Passionate about storytelling experiences and lover of tabletop gaming.

This talk concentrates on what kinds of design jobs are out there, how she got into design and how to start building a portfolio to help you get into the design field. 

Karen Stanley

The Division 2: Building an Open World DC

Karen has been an environment artist in the games industry for 5 years, originally from London, UK - Currently residing in Sweden with Ubisoft Massive, who recently released The Division 2. Karen will be covering the approaches taken to story telling in environment art whilst building a 1 to 1 Washington DC.

John Griffiths

How to level up

The Games Industry is an ever-evolving creature that continues to push both visual quality and technical fidelity with each new game released. This growth can be very overwhelming to those just starting their careers so I'll be sharing a few words of advice that will help you stay current while investing in yourself and developing your own skills.

Shannon McManus 

From SWC to Working in the Game Industry - A journey

Shannon McManus graduated from South West College Enniskillen back in 2013 with aspirations of working in the gaming industry. She went onto studying Game Design and Production Management at Abertay University
In her workshop Shannon McManus, former SWC student, will talk about her personal journey from being a SWC student to obtaining a job working in the game industry. Shannon will share tips and tricks and discuss positive steps every student can take to help maximise their employability within the industry.

Linda Fahrlin

Linda is an illustrator and designer with a studio based on the North West Coast of Ireland – Atlantic Art Studios. Her illustrative style is influenced by travels and her Swedish heritage and Scandinavian design. Having worked internationally her illustrations and design have been used for books, logotypes, packaging, products, environmental graphics, textile, user interface design, icons, buttons and information graphics.
Linda’s design has been very well received with mentions in national press and magazines in Australia where she recently lived. She has been invited to participate in events at some of Australias most prestigious institutions like Powerhouse Museum in Sydney, Craft ACT in Canberra and the NSW State Library.
Under the name Supertrooper Studio she is represented in Craft ACT in Canberra, Manly Art Gallery Shop in Sydney, The Emporium – Townhall Art Gallery, Hawthorn in Melbourne, State Library of Queensland.

She is a member of the Illustrators Guild of Ireland.
A.O.I – Association of Illustrators U.K.

Darragh Gorman

Photography and Sustainable Design. Living on the West coast of Ireland. Creating Images and works of art that celebrate the beautiful and fragile environment we all share.

Darragh Gorman, originally from Co. Kildare but now settled on the Northwest Coast of Ireland. The diverse and dramatic coastal landscape has inspired me to pick up a camera to capture the magic and mystery of the ever changing scenery of Ireland’s coast. In each pho tograph I try to encapsulate the moment, the moment of fleeting clouds, crashing waves and the changing light on the landscape. My photography is a celebration of the coast in it’s most raw and natural form.

My coastal life has opened my eyes to my surroundings and the environment. I’m realising the importance of preserving our natural resources and the effect we as humans have on the natural world.