Sustainability Projects


Supported by the INTERREG VA Programme with investment of €6.1 million, Renewable Engine is a cross border project aimed at facilitating direct knowledge transfer and technology development within Advanced Manufacturing and Renewable Energy sectors. The project’s research themes focus on energy generation, energy storage and innovative enabling technologies. ​



South West College is one of seven project partners on the FASTER – Facilitating a Sustainable Transition to EVs in the Regions programme which will deliver 73 rapid charging points for electric vehicles across Northern Ireland, Scotland and the Republic of Ireland by May 2023. The project has received funding investment of €6.4 million under the INTERREG VA Programme and South West College will be responsible for leading public and industry engagements and communications to encourage increased use of electric vehicles and sustainable transport systems. ​



South West College has been awarded Erasmus+ funding to carry out the HySkills project which aims to provide training on the subject of green hydrogen (H2) safety skills in order to help commit to the transition to renewable energy use. ​ HySkills will facilitate advances in hydrogen technologies as well as shape and develop the associated knowledge and skills that will be required to successfully implement the hydrogen economy within NI, to try and adapt to carbon emission reduction targets addressed in the Paris Climate Agreement. ​ ​


CARE – Climate Action in Rural Environments is an Erasmus+ Programme designed to help fight global warming. The project will enable young people to voice their concerns, expectations, and ideas for policy change. Through a series of 30 workshops young people will work together to establish a set of evidence-based policy recommendations to ensure the views of the next generation are considered in the shaping of future policy. The young people will present and debate their findings to Mid Ulster District Council and the Northern Ireland Executive​