Sustainability at South West College

We have a responsibility to make change happen and we are committed to making lasting change a real possibility in our college community. ​

Sustainable development and climate change are two of the greatest challenges of our time. Sustainability is a core value for our staff and students at South West College. With local roots and global reach we are deeply aware of our responsibilities to leave the world in a better place than we found it. Through our teaching, professional practices and engagement with students we are committed to being a champion for the natural world. With a growing population of 7 billion, and limited natural resources, we need to find a way to live sustainably, within our means. ​

Our Sustainability Strategy is guided by our shared responsibilities and by the principles of One Planet Living, in fact we aim to become the first college globally to be One Planet Living recognised. ​

So what do these ambitions really mean? ​ ​

At South West College we have adopted a 4L’s approach to sustainability: 

  • Learn – through learning, teaching and knowledge transfer we will embrace the smart region concept and establish the new Erne Campus as a living laboratory for student learning ​

  • Live – through improvements in our health and wellbeing, built environment and transport policies we will make it easier to live happy, healthy lives on our one planet, cultivate flagship, sustainable campuses and transform college travel options ​

  • Lead – through leadership and collaboration we will align the identity and brand of South West College with the concept of sustainability ​

  • Legacy - the foundations offered by the Learn, Live and Lead pillars will ensure a lasting legacy whereby we will leverage the international significance of the Erne Campus and seek to influence the transition to a more sustainable region through the knowledge and skills of students and the promotion of global citizenship as core South West College attributes. ​

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Sustainable Buildings

South West College's sustainability achievement have been recognised with the following awards.

BREEAM – Public Sector Design Award 2021​

CABE (Chartered Association of Building Engineers) Sustainability Award 2017​

Green Apple Award for the Built Environment & Architectural Heritage 2016​

Green Gown Awards – Best Newcomer 2015​