Term Dates

Term Dates 2020/21


1st September 2020 Tue

All full-time FE students 1st Yr (including Essential Skills) commence / Entitlement Framework students (Yr 11/12/13/14) Commence

7th September 2020


All full-time Further Education Students 2nd year, (including Essential Skills) Commence / All Work Based Learning students L1, L2 and L3 1st Yr commence / All Higher Education Student Induction

14th September 2020


Work Based Learning Level 1, Level 2 Level 3 2nd year commence / All HE students commence / All part-time FE students commence (unless otherwise stated)

October - November

26th October 2020 - 30th October 2020


Halloween break (5 days) (No full-time or part-time classes)

18th November 2020


Digital Learning Day

25th November 2020


Parents’ Evening for all 2nd Year students

December - January

9th December 2020


Higher Education Graduation

21st December 2020 - 1st January 2021 Mon-Fri Christmas Break for Students
4th January 2021 Mon

All full-time and part-time Further Education and Work Based Learning classes recommence

4th January 2021 - 15th January 2021 Mon

All Higher Education Examinations/Assessments commence

20th January 2021 Wed

All HE Spring Semester commences

26th January 2021 Tue

Open Day Dungannon Campus

February - March

1st February 2021 Mon-Fri

New part-time Further Education classes commence

2nd February 2021 Tue

Open Day Enniskillen Campus

9th February 2021 Tue Open Day Omagh Campus
10th February 2021 Wed

Parents’ Evening for all 1st Year students and those on a one year programme.

15th-19th February 2021 Mon-Fri Mid-term Break for all students
17th March 2021 Wed

Break for students - St Patrick’s Day Public Holiday

April - May

30th March - 9th April 2021 Tues-Fri

Easter Break for students

3rd May 2021


College closed – May Bank Holiday

7th May 2021 Fri All HE Spring Semester ends and assessments continues
10th-28th May 2021 Mon All HE Examinations/Assessments commence
14th May 2021 Fri

Entitlement Framework students finish (Yr 12/13/14)

26th May 2021 Wed All part-time FE students finish
31st May 2021 Mon

College Closed – Spring Bank Holiday


1st June 2021 Tue

Ulster University Higher Education Summer Semester commences

4th June 2021 Fri

Entitlement Framework students finish (Year 11)

18th June 2021 Mon-Fri

All full-time Further Education and Work Based Learning students finish

21st-23rd June 2021


Flexible Student Support days

July - August

12th-16th July 2021


College closed (including 2 Public Holidays)

13th August 2021


Ulster University Higher Education Summer Semester ends

16th August 2021


Ulster University Higher Education Supplementary Examinations

16th August 2021 Mon

Ulster University Higher Education Examinations/Assessments commence

30th August 2021 Mon

College Closed – Summer Bank Holiday

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