SWC Curriculum Conference 2019

SWC Curriculum Conference 2019
November, 2019
Over 300 lecturing staff came together at SWC Dungannon on Monday for the annual SWC Curriculum Conference - ‘It’s good to talk; it’s good to listen’.

Two-way communication is important in organisations of any size – whether small, medium or large, the exchange of information is pivotal to an organisation’s success.

The conference hosted a series of workshops to highlight how internal communications can produce effective engagement among employees across the South West College campuses in Cookstown, Dungannon, Enniskillen and Omagh. Staff were also encouraged to share examples of best practice and to celebrate creativity, with the overall aim of enhancing the students’ learning experience.

Guest speaker, Steve Oakes (Associate Director of Education, AQR Education) and author of ‘The VESPA Mindset Workbook’ delivered an insight into student behaviour and provided a collection of practical activities designed to boost college students’ positivity, resilience and the overall performance of the organisation.

Mrs Noella Murray (Principal, St John the Baptist College, Portadown) introduced the concept of ‘Trauma Informed Practice in Education’ and the impact of adverse childhood experiences and how they need to be understood and explored if educators are to engage fully with learners to support a more positive classroom experience.

Staff also attended 'An Introduction to LEGO Serious Play' workshop, designed to enhance innovation and business performance.