Launch of Mind Me at SWC

Launch of Mind Me at SWC
November, 2019
Over the coming weeks, the Mind Me Hub will be piloted with academic and support staff at the Technology and Skills Centre, with the ultimate aim of rolling it out to students in the near future.

With work playing a major role in most of our lives, having a fulfilling job and being happy in the workplace can be good for our mental health and general well-being. Speaking at the launch of the ‘Mind Me Hub’, Deborah Brown, SUSE+ Programme co-ordinator said:

“The health and wellbeing of staff is paramount in everything we do. The hub will provide staff with experiences in mindfulness and work-life balance to help promote positive mental health.

“During the pilot of the hub, we are excited to be offering staff the opportunity to try various activities and treatments in reiki, kinesiology, reflexology, Pilates, circuit training and arts/crafts. We are hoping that these sessions will offer staff an insight into the benefits of looking after their health and well-being.”

Mental health issues are far from uncommon and at least one in four people in the UK will suffer from a mental health issue this year.

The College is also working towards introducing a ‘Mindful Breath Badge’, which will be given to staff who have developed skills in becoming aware of thoughts, feelings and reactions by using breath as a tool. Deborah Brown added:

“On a daily basis we are bombarded from all directions with input that pulls at our attention. Being able to choose what we respond to and when, being able to remain calm in the face of challenges and being curious about the body-mind interrelationship can make all the difference.

“This badge will highlight that you've developed the skills that support focus, professional communication, goal attainment and the cultivation of a strong, resilient and reliable character.”

Research has found that mindful breathing has many beneficial outcomes including greater focus, better self-understanding, increased relaxation, improved self-control, greater empathy, as well as promoting more rejuvenating sleep patterns.

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