South West College is the way forward if you have huge ambitions

South West College is the way forward if you have huge ambitions
January, 2021
Joseph Doyle (18) from Moortown, has just begun a Higher Education Ulster University Foundation Degree in Science in Computing at South West College’s (SWC) Dungannon Campus and was incredibly ‘proud’ to have been recently awarded the inaugural Chief Executive Scholarship Award in Science and Computing.  Joseph is amongst a prestigious group of students to receive the awards which were launched last year. 
Joseph described it as a life-changing moment and said: “Being awarded the Chief Executive Scholarship in IT has most certainly benefitted me. I have gained full-time employment and it illustrates to potential employers that I am a hard worker, so it’s great to have on my CV. Thus, widening my opportunities in the future.”
The SWC Chief Executive Scholarship Scheme is a new initiative introduced in 2020, by the College’s Chief Executive, Michael Mc Alister, designed to ease the financial burden on students progressing into Higher Education and is part of the College’s commitment to widening access and participation for partner schools. 
The scheme offers three fully funded Higher Education Scholarships for courses in Computing Science, Visual Media and Corporate Law and Finance. Each recipient receives a scholarship towards their tuition fees for three years to the value of between £9,500 and £12,000.  
Before studying at SWC, Joseph attained high grades with a triple distinction in his A-levels yet struggled to find an apprenticeship. Joseph pro-actively decided to build on his existing qualifications and expand his knowledge, to become more valuable within the lucrative IT sector.  He said: “I decided to choose South West College as my next step as I believed that I would receive the best possible education and support from the tutors.” 
Joseph praised SWC for helping him to settle into College life, and said: “I had an outstanding experience, the tutors were very helpful and were always there to provide any assistance required. The students in the class were always very friendly and helpful, which helped to make the class more enjoyable.”
Alongside his studies Joseph secured a job in the IT sector of Agri Health, He said: “South West College has helped me achieve my current career, as they have provided me with the knowledge and qualification to help me gain employment.”
“During my time at South West College, I have been more than satisfied with the quality of teaching and the bonds that you form with the tutors. It is definitely one of the top Colleges, and I would strongly recommend the College to anyone.” 
Joseph added, “In my opinion, the College can help to better your future, more than any university, this is a big claim to make, but it’s one that I certainly believe. The reason for this is, you’re in a class of 30 people, the teacher is face to face with the students and can provide first-hand information. Compared to University, whereby you’re sitting in a lecture hall of over maybe 100 people.” 
In the future, he would like to complete his degree and do a PGCE to fulfil his ‘dream of starting his own business,’ with a focus on apprenticeship programmes within the IT sector. Joseph encourages those leaving school to consider their options and said: “South West College is the way forward if you have huge ambitions. So, I would recommend South West College to anyone considering the next step for their education.” 
For further information and advice on further education, higher education and apprenticeship options, explore the SWC Virtual Open Days this February. Higher Education and Higher-Level Apprenticeship events: 8-10 February, 5:30pm-6:30pm. Further Education and Apprenticeship events: 22-24 February, 5:30pm-6:30pm. To register for these virtual events, please visit: www.