SWC aims to Help new and Established Chefs Sharpen Their Skills with new Foundation Degree

SWC aims to Help new and Established Chefs Sharpen Their Skills with new Foundation Degree
February, 2021

South West College (SWC) are introducing a brand new course in September 2021, Foundation Degree in Professional Practice and Management of Culinary Arts. The course will offer a progression opportunity for Level 3 students to continue their culinary education and offer professional chefs working in the catering and hospitality industry the opportunity to update their skills and prepare for future management positions.  

South West College Catering Lecturer, Claire Currid said: “this course will introduce students to new skills and techniques and allow them to develop a deeper practical application of modern culinary trends. It’s a course that offers fantastic progression opportunities. At Level 4 the course will focus on Kitchen and Larder, Patisserie and confectionary, and menu design; at Level 5 the course will also focus on Food in Society and Culinary Entrepreneurship. It will be a very practical based course which we believe chefs will enjoy. We’re looking forward to students and professional chefs joining us and using the course to develop their skills and culinary understanding.” 

The Foundation Degree Professional Practice and Management of Culinary Arts course will be piloted in South West College’s Dungannon Campus and is aimed at chefs and students who have completed Level 3 courses or above. Claire says, “we see it as a fantastic progression route for Level 3 students and it’s also ideal for chefs who are already working in the industry and want to go back to education to retrain and embrace new culinary trends, technologies and techniques.” 

Despite the last year having been a difficult period for the catering and hospitality industry, Claire believes this course is a fantastic way to take a step forward in an industry that remains full of excitement and opportunity. She said, “obviously we’ve been going through a tough time for the industry, but in the last decade as a whole catering in Northern Ireland has really excelled. There are so many fantastic restaurants in Northern Ireland now and so many brilliant chefs. It’s a fantastic industry to work in and we believe this course will help chefs, either by helping students take the steps in their careers, and by helping chefs who already work in the industry improve their skills even more. We’re excited for students to enrol and get started.” 

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