Automotive Apprentice Matthew Enjoys a Career from Day One

Automotive Apprentice Matthew Enjoys a Career from Day One
April, 2021

Matthew Logue from Omagh has benefited from a vocational apprenticeship in Auto and Electrics at South West College (SWC) as it offered him a unique opportunity to work, earn and learn from day one, allowing him to pursue further education and accomplish his career goals.  


Matthew said: “I attended the Omagh Christian Brothers and completed my GCSEs, I had planned to do my A-Levels, but after some thinking, I decided they weren’t for me and that I wanted to progress within a more vocational course as I enjoy working hands-on. I have always been a bit of an automobile enthusiast, so I contacted the SWC and enrolled on an apprenticeship work-based Level 2 Diploma in Auto Electrical and Mobile Electrical Competence.”  


Practically minded Matthew chose this study approach as it offered the opportunity to work, earn and learn from day one whilst allowing him to achieve an industry-recognised qualification that auto electrical technicians require within the industry. 


“I have enjoyed my time at the College; all the tutors are excellent and have given me great guidance. The course has offered me invaluable on the job experience, and I am currently serving my apprenticeship with TG Trans, which has provided me with the perfect combination of paid employment three days a week with College learning twice a week. I have really benefited from this flexible work-based balance of on and off the job learning as you don’t just learn from a textbook; you have the practical experience also, and this has equipped me with the competence, knowledge and skillset required to perform my job more effectively and progress within my career.” Said Matthew.   


“The course covers a broad range of areas relating to fitting and repairing electrical components across a range of vehicles and has afforded me the opportunity to work with light and heavy vehicles opening up a range of employment opportunities and niche areas for progressing into further studies. However, I have a good interest in bodywork and spray painting, and hopefully, when I complete this course in the summer, I will progress and enrol on a bodywork course at the SWC as I am keen to build a career focusing on commercial painting and bodywork.” 


Matthews experience at the SWC has been excellent, and he encourages others interested in a more vocational route to consider an apprenticeship at the College as it offers numerous benefits. 

Matthew says, “An apprenticeship provides a more hands-on approach with the added value of a regular wage and is an incredible option for those who like to learn on the job, which I feel helps make you more employable. The College offers excellent facilities with a great learning environment, particularly during Covid; they have continued to provide exemplary learning adapting to support us adequately. Everyone is very accommodating, especially the tutors, who are very knowledgeable and supportive, and they helped guide me along the path that I wanted to go down.  Overall, my apprenticeship experience has proved to be the correct path and has provided me with an excellent opportunity to acquire the skills I need to work within the automotive industry, and I plan to continue working and studying at the College with ambitions to progress onto a higher-level course in commercial painting and bodywork.” 


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