Health Declaration Protocol for Visitors

Health Declaration Protocol for Campus Visitors 

Why Complete a Health Declaration? 

Health Declarations are our only means of ensuring that staff or students coming onto campus are not attending campus if they have COVID Symptoms/Tested Positive, have a family member who has symptoms or tested positive or are completing quarantine after travel abroad from one of the countries on the NI Quarantine list. 

  • Staff will have completed Health Declarations before they returned to campus. 
  • Enrolled Students will complete on the morning of their 1st day back on campus 
  • For a minority of visitors (where there has been prior agreement for them to be onsite) eg for ESOL Initial assessments, student interviews etc there is a requirement that they must complete this External Health Declaration in advance of coming onto campus. If this has not been completed, in advance, this MUST be completed as a priority within an hour of the individual being onsite and before they move from their base room. 
  • Any contractors coming onsite need to complete this Health Declaration before the first visit to Campus and report any changes to the Campus contact immediately. All risk assessments will continue to be processed. 

What you need to do before welcoming a visitor onsite

  1. It will be the responsibility of those members of staff welcoming a visitor to direct the visitor to the link on the website and advise the visitor the form MUST be completed 24 hours BEFORE coming onto Campus. 
  2. It is your responsibility to confirm that this visitor has received a confirmation email clearing them to come onsite. 
  3. If the visitor is not cleared to come on Campus the Covid Supervisor will be alerted and make contact with the person who has completed the Health Declaration. 
  4. If a visitor turns up ad hoc eg a student wanting to enrol, the receptionist will complete the Health Declaration on the visitor’s behalf and submit. If the visitor answers yes to any of the questions they will be asked to leave and Covid Supervisor notified. 
  5. Please ensure that all Health Declarations are completed with the full name (not room numbers or first names only) 
  6. The Covid Supervisor will produce a daily list of visitors approved to come on Campus and circulate this list to Campus Manager, Campus Receptionist and Estates team to facilitate cleaning. 
  7. These visitor health declarations must be completed each time the individual is due to come onsite until they are registered as a student and at this point, they will complete the Student Health Declaration. 
  8. It is critical that no visitor should be on Campus without having completed a Health Declaration and be cleared to visit prior to coming on site. 

Fill in Declaration Form