COVID-19 Payment

Student COVID-19 Payments

In recognition of the associated costs involved with online learning the College will be making a one-off discretionary Covid Disruption payment of £60 to all eligible Full-Time Higher Education students. 

Please check your college email for further details.

Deadline for submission of completed forms is 3pm Friday 9th April 2021. If students are using a nominated bank account, such as an account held by a parent, they should contact the Colleges Finance department at . The College will need the consent of the account holder.

If students are experiencing problems with the online form, they should contact the College at


  1. Is this a hoax or scam?
    • No. This is genuine support that all the NI Colleges are providing to students to ease the burden of additional costs associated with online delivery.
  2. Is it means tested?
    • No.
  3. Am I eligible?
    • Recreational and hobby courses excluded. Schools Partnership students also excluded. As long as the student has attended in January 2021. Exceptional circumstances as follows:
      • The College postponed classes
      • Illness (approved absence)
      • Other extenuating circumstances
  4. I have no bank account. What can I do?
    • You can use a nominated bank account such as a parent. We would need consent from the parent to pass on the details. Only method of payment is straight into a bank account.
  5. When will I get the payment?
    • College is planning that all students will get payment by the end of March
  6. Is this related to the £500 payment for HE students?
    • The £500 payment is for full time HE students and this will be made at a later date.
    • A full-time HE student will be getting £560 in total.