COVID-19 Information for Students

Information for Students

Teaching delivery FAQ's for students

How will lectures/teaching materials be delivered?

Most teaching material will be delivered via Canvas VLE or other digital platforms. Check your Canvas announcements for updates and your college email address for specific instructions from your School.

Will lectures be put/delivered online at the planned lecture time?

This will depend on the School, check your Canvas announcements regularly. You are also advised to check your email account.

What if I am unable to access Canvas/experience a technical issue?

Guidance and resources to support accessing Canvas is available for students at

What if I do not have access to the internet?

If you are experiencing technical difficulties in accessing course material remotely, you should contact

How do I access IT services remotely?

For advice on how to access College web services remotely, please visit our web page.

Who do I contact if I have IT problems and can't access internet or equipment?

You should contact the Digital Learning team 

Student FAQ's

I am concerned about the impact of COVID-19 (Coronavirus) on my studies

Please contact your lecturer if you are concerned about the impact on your studies.

Are the campuses/Learning Resource Centres still open?

All campuses including Learning Resource Centres are closed until further notice. Closure of Learning Resource centre has there been a virtual room set up, please log on to your canvas account for further details.

Will exams/other forms of assessment be affected?

We are currently working hard to identify alternative forms of assessment should they be needed. Contingency planning for any necessary changes to normal arrangements is in progress and will be communicated as soon as possible. Specific arrangements for assessments are being finalised and we will prioritise alternative modes of assessment for those students who find themselves unable to attend examinations.

Information for students in relation to COVID-19 and self isolation

I feel unwell with symptoms of coronavirus infection (COVID-19) - should I self isolate?


If you have symptoms of coronavirus infection (COVID-19), however mild, stay at home and do not leave your house for 14 days from when your symptoms started.

Please read the public health guidance setting out what you should do if you experience such symptoms:

Your wellbeing is the College’s first priority. Please do not let any concerns about studies stop you taking this advice.

I am a student and have a condition which means Coronavirus may be more harmful for me - what should I do?

Individuals who have existing conditions should continue to take the usual precautions recommended by PHA in relation to their health.  

However, if you remain concerned, you should contact your GP or call NHS 111 to understand if there are any additional precautions you may need to take.