Course Information

IMIAL Level 5 Diploma in Automotive Management

Institute of the Motor Industry

Below are the sessions that are available for this course.

Campus: Omagh
Week Starting: 15 September 2021
Day: Wednesday
Time: 18:00–22:00
Duration: 2 Year(s)
Number of Weeks: 30
Hours per Week: 4
Total Hours: 120
Fee: 390
Places Available: 16
Course Coordinator:


The management role covers a broad range of work activities in a variety of contexts, most of which are complex and non-routine. Managers, at this level, play an integral role in supporting organisational objectives through a range of functions, including:

  • Leadership;
  • Business Planning;
  • Project Management;
  • Business Finance;
  • Marketing;
  • Supporting and Developing Staff;
  • Managing Business Compliance;
  • Managing Customer Service.
  • The qualification assignments are specifically contextualised for the automotive environment.This contextualisation aids the learners’ ability to retain information and apply their knowledge effectively. The qualification also provides a broad overview of the workplace, especially in areas such as organisational structures.

    Additional Information

    *The fees quoted are payable for each year.

    Terms & Conditions

    Students are required to:

    Comply with College Policies and procedures, rules and regulations (available in your Student Diary/Higher Education Handbook, online: and on the College VLE).
    Submit all coursework and assessments by specified dates, coursework submitted without consent after the deadline shall not normally be accepted.

    The minimum overall pass mark of 40% is required to be achieved in all modules.

    Course Content

    Staff Recruitment

  • IT for Automotive Operations
  • Leadership in the Automotive Industry
  • Business Planning in the Automotive Industry
  • Customer Service and Quality in the Automotive Industry
  • Marketing the Retail Motor Business
  • Managing Automotive Business Compliance
  • Managing Automotive Service and Workshop Organisation
  • Assessment Method

    This qualification has rigorous written assignments and online tests to ensure critical aspects of the learner’s knowledge and skills are addressed. Assignments are specifically contextualised for the automotive environment.

    Progression Opportunities

    This qualification provides Learners with the knowledge and understanding to progress to higher levels of management within the motor vehicle industry. Learners may also progress to a Foundation Degree or Honours Degree in Management.

    Entry Requirements

    Candidates should hold a Level 3 vocational qualification or equivalent; have Grade C or equivalent in English and Maths; be currently employed within the Motor Vehicle Industry and ideally working in a middle manager’s role.