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Open Awards Diploma in Access to Higher Education (Health Studies A)

Open Awards

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Campus: Omagh
Week Starting: 21 September 2021
Day: Tuesday
Time: 16:30–21:30
Duration: 1 Year(s)
Number of Weeks: 30
Hours per Week: 5
Total Hours: 150
Fee: 450
Places Available: 7
Course Coordinator:


This intensive and very interesting part-time course is designed for adult learners over 19 who have existing qualifications at level 2 and wish to now progress into higher education. This course is designed to provide you with the academic and study skills required to move onto a degree programmes of your choice. It also encourages you to build confidence, add to your academic skills and build up knowledge and understanding of the changing world in the 21st Century. The Diploma in Access to Higher Education is a golden opportunity to take the first step towards change and move towards reaching you own personal career goals. While it is a challenging and at times very demanding programme of study, students who are successful would agree that it is well worth the effort. There are two pathways on offer - the Health Studies Pathway which is aimed at those who see their future in Nursing and Midwifery and the subjects studied are Sociology, Psychology and Human Biology The Humanities and Social Sciences pathway is aimed at students with other degree programmes in mind such as Social work and Education and it is made up of Sociology, Psychology and Politics

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*The fees quoted are payable for each year.

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Course Content

Sociology- Sociological Theory Social Stratification Poverty and Inequality in the UK History of Social Policies Sociology of the Family in Modern Britain Psychology Psychological Theory The Nature-Nurture Debate Personality Theory Aggression Stereotyping, Prejudice and discrimination

Optional Modules


Assessment Method

The Access to Higher Education Diploma is assessed by means of 16 written assignments one for each of the units in the three modules. These include Reports of 2,000 words, Essays, PowerPoint presentations, posters and Booklets._x000D_ The work is assessed to reflect levels of knowledge, understanding, communication and referencing skills and are graded on the basis of Pass, Merit or Distinction._x000D_

Progression Opportunities

The majority of learners in the Health Studies Pathway are focused on progressing into Nursing in Ulster University or Midwifery in QUB and many students are successful in securing a place and other have achieved a place in Speech Therapy, and Clinical Psychology. The successful Humanities and Social Sciences students have in the past at different times moved into Social Work, Youth and Community work, Social Administration, Counselling and Education.

Entry Requirements

A minimum of 4 GCSES or equivalent qualifications at level 2 are essential to be considered suitable to embark on this programme of study. Qualifications in Maths and English at Level 2 are mandatory, either Essential Skills Application of Number and Literacy Level 2 are acceptable or more preferable GCSES in Maths and English- grade C or above.