Course Information

Cisco IT Essentials Part 1 - PC Hardware And Software


Below are the sessions that are available for this course.


This course provides an excellent introduction to the IT industry and interactive exposure to personal computers, hardware, and operating systems. Students participate in hands-on activities and lab-based learning to become familiar with various hardware and software components and discover best practice in mainternance and safety. In addition, PC Hardware and Software covers the following new topics:Laptops and portable devices

  • Wireless connectivity
  • Security
  • Safety and environmental issues
  • Communication skills
  • Additional Information

    Requires Independent Study and Reading and undertaking practice tests.

    Course Content

    Build/Assemble Modern Specification PC from Scratch

  • Install, configure and fine tune various operating systems
  • Upgrade and install PC peripherals (printers, network cards, scanners, memory, graphics cards, etc.) and their associaed drivers/software
  • Basic PC Troubleshooting
  • Security
  • Basic/advanced networking
  • Assessment Method

    Weekly online multiple choice class tests

  • Online multiple choice exam on final week
  • Practical Hands on skills exam.

    Progression Opportunities

    IT Essentials is ideal for students seeking entry-level IT positions in companies, government agencies, educational institutions, other service providers, or to work for themselves. Courses which can also be done after this qualification is the CompTIA A+ or other CISCO courses available.

  • Entry Requirements