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Mandarin Chinese HSK2


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Mandarin Chinese is one of the most popular languages to learn today and indeed is the most spoken language in the world. HSK (Hanyu Shuiping Kaoshi) is the official test of Mandarin Chinese for non-native learners aged 16+. HSK is an international standardised exam that tests and rates Chinese language proficiency for higher educational and professional purposes. HSK2 Mandarin Chinese is an elementary level ideal and in addition to the language learners will also learn about Chinese culture. In HSK2 you will learn 300 words and will be able to conduct simple daily life conversations on various topics that you are familiar with, understand frequently used expressions related to daily topics and use simple Chinese sentences to express your own opinions or thoughts. Obtaining the HSK2 certificate gives you an internationally recognised qualification of competency in Chinese whereby you will be able to use Chinese language in basic day-to-day situations.

Additional Information


  • Compulsory Hours: 76
  • Vocabulary: 300 words
  • Course Content

    Learners will receive tuition, guidance and support from a dedicated, enthusiastic and experienced Mandarin Chinese tutor. 300 words

    Assessment Method

    Examination, which tests reading and listening skills. There is no coursework however, your tutor may give you worksheets to help you.

    Progression Opportunities

    Learners may progress onto HSK3

    Entry Requirements

    There are no entry requirements for this course.