Course Information

NOCN Level 4 Digital Surveying


Below are the sessions that are available for this course.

Campus: Dungannon
Week Starting: 31 January 2022
Day: Monday
Time: 17:30–21:30
Duration: 1 Year(s)
Number of Weeks: 15
Hours per Week: 4
Total Hours: 60
Fee: 134
Places Available: 12
Course Coordinator:


This course is designed to provide you with the opportunity to up-skill/re-skill in the use of modern digital land surveying equipment and techniques suitable for a career in Construction/Civil Engineering and Architecture. It is designed as a practical introduction to digital surveying hardware and software, creating cutting-edge technical skills and knowledge necessary for the modern construction industry.

Terms & Conditions

Students are required to:

  • Comply with College Policies and procedures, rules and regulations (available in your Student Diary/Higher Education Handbook, on-line: and on the College VLE).
  • Submit all coursework and assessments by specified dates, coursework submitted without consent after the deadline shall not normally be accepted.
  • The minimum overall pass mark of 40% is required to be achieved in all modules.
  • Course Content

    Students will carry-out a range of typical surveying tasks and in doing so will learn to:-

  • Apply key engineering theories, principles and processes to the operation of surveying instruments as used in the civil engineering industry.
  • Describe the common techniques, methods and procedures used in surveying and setting out.
  • Plan surveying tasks effectively to meet specified criteria and to make informed design decisions.
  • Use mathematical methods and/or computer software to assist with the solution of surveying and setting out problems.
  • Effectively carry out various practical surveying tasks and basic setting out.
  • Reproduce in graphical form information recorded from the surveys using CAD or other design software.
  • Communicate results from the surveys effectively and produce a graphical representation of the survey information.
  • Carry out calculations in order to perform basic setting out.
  • Work in groups to plan and carry out survey and setting out problems.
  • Assessment Method

    A submitted assignment comprising of evidence of participation in practical activities, the ability to utilise modern surveying equipment and manipulate software, booking sheets, calculations, scale drawings and plan drawings. Students will also be observed throughout the module to ensure they are competent at using the equipment accurately and effectively.

    Progression Opportunities

    The programme is designed to lead on to a NOCN Level 5 Course in Advanced Digital Surveying covering GPS/GIS, Autonomous Drone Technologies and 3D Computer modelling/3D Printing (currently under development). Successful learners can also apply for a range of other construction related programmes of study in the college.

    Entry Requirements

    Learners should have a working knowledge of basic land surveying equipment and techniques applied generally in the construction industry.