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CCEA Level 2 GCSE in Biology


Below are the sessions that are available for this course.

Campus: Enniskillen
Week Starting: 21 September 2021
Day: Tuesday
Time: 19:00ā€“21:00
Duration: 1 Year(s)
Number of Weeks: 30
Hours per Week: 2
Total Hours: 60
Fee: 136
Reduced Fee: £91.00
Places Available: 12
Course Coordinator:


Biology is the study of living organisms. It is concerned with studying microbes, classifying organisms and investigating different species and their interactions with each other and the natural environment.

Additional Information

Units 1 and 2 are each assessed by a written examination either at Foundation Tier (grades Cā€“G) or Higher Tier (grades A*ā€“D/E).

Course Content

Students will:

Optional Modules


Assessment Method

Unit 1: Cells, Living Processes and Biodiversity

Progression Opportunities

Students can progress to study biology and related subjects at a more advanced level, for example Advanced Subsidiary Biology and Advanced Biology. For those progressing directly into employment, a GCSE in biology is relevant not only to the fields of science and medicine, but also to areas of commerce and public service that value problem-solving and practical skills.