Higher Education Fees


Part-Time Higher Education 2016-17 (per year)

Foundation Degree Ulster University £900.00 (£225 per module)
Foundation Degree Queens University Belfast £900.00 (£225 per module)
Foundation Degree (per module) Ulster University £225.00
Foundation Degree (per module) Queens University Belfast £225.00
Foundation Degree Fast Track Ulster University £1000.00
HNC  Year 1 £555.00
  Year 2 £555.00
HND  Year 1 £590.00
  Year 2 £590.00
  Year 3 £370.00
ATI  Year 1 & 2 £350.00

Because experience counts...

South West College operates an Accreditation of Prior Experiential Learning (APEL) process to acknowledge unaccredited learning experiences. APEL is a process through which the learning students have gained from experience can be counted. This process relates to prior learning which has been done by students which has not already been formally assessed. This includes prior learning gained through communitybased learning, workplace learning and training, continuing professional development and independent learning.

APEL can help students to:

  • Get a place on an appropriate Foundation Degree at a college if you don’t have the normal entry qualifications but can show that you have the necessary knowledge, skills and understanding.
  • Gain credit towards modules of a Foundation Degree so as to shorten the normal period of learning by showing that you already have the knowledge, skills and understanding needed for particular parts of the programme or qualification (e.g. units or modules).

Who is APEL for?

  • Individuals in the workplace looking for recognised credit for entry to an academic programme at higher education level.
  • Learners who may have exited a higher education programme prior to completion or the receipt of credit and who wish to count that learning towards another award.
  • Learners who wish to ‘top-up’ an existing qualification.

Further information:

For further information contact the relevant
Course Director or Liam Curran Higher
Education Coordinator:
Email: liam.curran@swc.ac.uk

Part-time Higher Education 

Prospective students complete a PTG1 Application Form available from their local Education Authority (EA) to assess entitlement to financial support.

Part time Higher education tuition Fees by Direct Debit 

Students paying HE Part Time tuition fees must pay £200 on enrolment in the form of Cash, Cheque or Credit/Debit Card and the balance due in 3 further instalments to be collected
by direct debit on 27th November 2016, 29th January 2017, and 31st March 2017.

Full-time Higher Education 2015-16

Level Tuition Bursary
Hons Degree £3,805.00 £400.00
HND £2,200.00 £300.00
Foundation Degree (UU) £2,200.00 £300.00
Foundation Degree (QUB) £2,500.00 £300.00