Film School


STEM Centre introduce “Film School” a new activity for Key Stage Two children. Film School will introduce children to the world of Stop Motion Animation and visual effects via two 1 hour workshops.

Level: Key Stage 2

Workshop Details

1. Green Scream

Green Scream has been designed to make your class the stars of the show. The class will act out a scene of a dinosaur attack, using green screen and special effects to create the prehistoric beasts. They will also learn about camera work and editing on their trip to the STEM Centre. Who's up for an oscar?

2. AniMATES 

AniMATES  is our Stop Motion Animation workshop. Your class will storyboard and animate their own short movie using StikBot Studio and props. Each pair is assigned a scene and given the time to create their masterpiece. They will end the task with an understanding of the basics of Stop Motion Animation

Booking Details:

Duration: 10am - 12:40pm
Max no. Students: 30
Level: Key Stage 2
Admission: £5.00 per student
A break will be allocated at approx. 11:10am, students are advised to bring a snack.

For further information or to book 'Film School' please get in touch: E: T: 028 8772 0644