The STEM Centre aims to help accelerate interest in STEM careers by fostering enthusiasm for scientific investigation and introduces students to the rewards of scientific discovery with a range of activities and innovative technologies.

The focused activities delivered through the centre support the teaching and learning of STEM subjects within a real world context and are compliant with STEM curricula and designed to nurture and grow innovation and interest in technology.


Students will go through a day in the life of a dairy farmer, they will learn skills in microbiology, chemistry, biology, robotics and engineering. We will take a step onto the dairy farm and look at milk production and how it gets from the farm to the shop. We will then navigate around tight corners and through tight gaps with the “farm machinery” to make sure all the silage is brought in before the rain catches us!
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KS2: CSI. Who Done It?

A crime has been committed and you, the trainee crime scene investigator, are going to help solve the case and bring the person responsible to justice… a body has been found at what now has been labelled a ‘Crime Scene’, but many details remain unknown. You and your team of highly skilled investigators must work together to conduct tests on evidence gathered and apply real-life scientific know-how to evaluate the clues and crack the case.
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KS2: Titanic Discovery

All aboard for a voyage of discovery on the most famous ship ever built. The era of the R.M.S Titanic is long gone, but the tragic tale of the ‘unsinkable’ White Star liner continues to capture imaginations across the globe. Our marine investigation team will guide you through over one hundred years of science to explore how technology, engineering and maths were used to create and sail the luxury liner.
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