SWC launches pioneering online Mandarin Chinese course

SWC launches pioneering online Mandarin Chinese course
March, 2018

The South West College (SWC) Confucius Hub marked the Chinese New Year of the Dog with a gala dinner attended by guests, students and staff. The event also marked the launch of the college’s new Business Chinese Test (BCT), an online Mandarin Chinese course, which has been designed to develop basic communication skills in a real Chinese business environment. 

Chinese is the most widely spoken language in the world and China is regarded as the second largest economy in the world, hence becoming an essential skill for those seeking to enter Asian markets and become competent and confident in engagement in business meetings conducted in Mandarin Chinese. 

South West College has developed this pioneering online programme, which is the first of its kind, and will give learners the unique opportunity to gain the basic and essential fundamentals of Chinese business language, etiquette and understanding and encompasses four aspects of learning; listening, speaking, reading and writing. 

Linda Beatty, SWC Confucius Hub Project Officer added: 

“Learning business Mandarin is a great way to open the doors to a lot of other business opportunities and learning the language and understanding the Chinese culture is fast becoming a prerequisite for those seeking to work with Chinese partners.” 

“The online Business Chinese Test is a great starting point for business professionals wishing to learn more about Chinese business culture and social etiquettes in order to improve their success in doing business in China.” 

The Business BCT Online Mandarin Chinese course is accredited by Hanban, China and will be delivered online however tutorial support is available from the SWC Confucius Hub Mandarin Chinese tutors. 

For further information, please contact Linda Beatty, SWC Confucius Hub Project Officer, linda.beatty@swc.ac.uk or call 028 8225 5220