Local STEM Ambassadors Visit Brussels

Local STEM Ambassadors Visit Brussels
June, 2018

The European Parliament in Brussels was the final destination for the all-female team of ambassadors on the Miss STEM Europe project, who were tasked with the mission of influencing policy-makers and to raise awareness about the need to encourage more females into Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths (STEM) study and careers. 

Encouraging girls to consider and pursue a STEM career is critical if engineers and innovators of the future are to undertake the challenges and opportunities that lie ahead. Despite girls showing a passion for technology at a very young age, girls still remain underrepresented with gender stereotypes in STEM study and the workplace. 

Thirty females from local post-primary schools, South West College and STEM related careers participated in the project, which was delivered by SWC and the Leuven Institute (funded by Erasmus+). 

Speaking about the team’s work in Brussels, Emma Marks from the STEM Centre at SWC said; 

“Our research with local businesses, educators and authorities has enabled the team to formulate an action plan aimed at increasing the number of STEM ambassadors, promoting gender neutral toys and promoting positive social environments in the workplace.” 

Emma Gormley (McAleer and Rushe) from Miss STEM project, added; 

“This has been a fantastic opportunity for local females to address the underrepresentation of females in STEM education and employment and it’s important that our work continues to reach out to key influencers in industry, education and policy making.” 

During the trip to Brussels, the team also visited the Living Tomorrow project – an inspirational hub for innovative enterprises – where visitors can experience products and services that could vastly improve the quality of our future life, home and workplace. 

For more information on the Miss STEM Europe project, please contact Emma Marks at the STEM Centre, South West College, Circular Road, Dungannon, tel 028 8225 0109 or email emma.marks@swc.ac.uk