Great British Barber Bash held at SWC

Great British Barber Bash held at SWC
January, 2017
The Great British Barber Bash (GBBB) showcase events all over the world from Omagh to Dubai, demonstrating the latest barbering techniques to their audience. Two barbers Ryan Cullen from Armagh and Conor Taaffe from Drogheda, are leading the way in barbering, and their success is known all over the world. They held a Barber Bash at South West College, Omagh campus, in which hairdressers and barbers from the Omagh area attended.  

During the Barber bash, the barbers use models to demonstrate new hair styles and cuts, as they explain their techniques to the audience. The audience of hairdressers and barbers then had the opportunity to have practical experience in the afternoon session with their own client. The barbers from GBBB took time out with each participant to explain which technique is the best to use to achieve the clients desired result.

Ryan and Conor have a great working chemistry, they enjoy what they do and their personalities bounce off each other to create a friendly and inspiring atmosphere. They explained “product does not style your hair, its hair manipulation that creates your look, which means using a hairdryer, and this opens up a world of wonder to a man.” Ryan also said, “Barbering has become a culture, it is not all glamorous, you put long hours in behind the chair and it becomes a way of life.” 

Conor explains to the audience, “You have to be confident and professional when delivering a service and advise your client.” Barbers need to explain to the client how to create the look themselves, however they must create the look effortlessly but perfectly to encourage the client to come back. Barbering is taking time on each client individually but also being time efficient to fit all your clients in, this may even include offering them a cup of tea and biscuits to improve your service.

Ryan explained to the audience about confidence and told a story from when he was in training, a client asked if he could shave a star into the back of his head, he said yes of course. Ryan had never done anything like this before but this was an opportunity to learn and take him out of his comfort zone. He appeared confident and his client trusted him to create the look, when Ryan was finished he and his client were both happy with the outcome. Conor added to this “you will only be as good as you are now, if you don’t push yourself.”

The pair use social media to follow their own inspirations and use its geographical reach as a personal portfolio, to get them recognised. Ryan started using social media when he worked in a side street salon, he posted pictures of his clients and got recognition more people started noticing the salon and coming in. Through this he has built a portfolio for himself. One client travelled two hours to get his hair cut and styled by Ryan.

The culture of barbering is changing, it is now a cool career and more men are wanting to create more fashionable looks and distinguish themselves as a person. This has changed over time, barbering wasn’t a career many men wanted associated until recent years. Men’s hair styles was searched more times than women’s for the first time ever in 2016, trends are changing, there is nearly more men’s products for hair than women’s. This career has taken off with men paying more attention to how they want to perceive themselves. 2017 is set to see a growth in men’s products and fashion, it is time for the ladies to up their game.