CREST Awarded for Excellence in Sustainability

CREST Awarded for Excellence in Sustainability
November, 2017
The CREST pavilion (Centre for Renewable Energies and Sustainable Technologies) at South West College was announced as winner of the Sustainability Award at the recent CABE (Chartered Association of Building Engineers) Built Environment Awards in Warwickshire.

The Built Environment Awards recognise excellence and achievements within the field of the built environment and building engineering.

The awards are crucial at a time when architecture and building is facing an enormous challenge in terms of sustainability, housing crisis and the technical demands of new technologies coming into the industry.

The association’s awards panel highlighted that the CREST project demonstrates excellence in sustainability through its ratings and awards and also showcases how technology can be integrated into energy-efficient buildings.

The CREST pavilion serves as a demonstration building for the pioneering design principles and construction methods adapted in it. Guest speaker at the awards ceremony was Charlie Luxton, sustainability champion and presenter on programmes including Building the Dream, Homes by the Sea and Homes by the Med (More 4) and Best Laid Plans (Channel 4).

Speaking about the award on behalf of South West College, John Moss, deputy head of department for technology said; “This award means a lot to South West College. Our ethos on sustainability starts with our senior management and penetrates throughout the college to the teaching and learning in the classrooms. The CREST project is an exemplary working model for other construction schemes.”