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NOCN Level 4 Sustainable Design and Construction

Level 4


The Level 4 Open College Network accredited course covers the principles of sustainable building design and construction including: How to achieve the optimum building envelope, Airtightness in Design and Construction, Sizing an MVHR, How to Remove Thermal Bridging, Thermography, Installation of Windows and Doors to achieve a thermal bridge free envelope and How building services (heating and ventilation) can be installed in a very efficient building envelope.


Duration: Session dependent
Hours per Week: Session dependent
Total Hours: Session dependent
Day(s): Session dependent
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End Time: Session dependent

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Course Content

The course includes design and practical construction topics to achieve the optimum building envelope. Learners may progress to completing either the PassivHaus Tradesperson or PassivHaus Designer course also offered by SWC and accredited by the PassivHaus Institute.

Assessment Method

Assessment by mixed method of multiple-choice questions, explanation and sketched annotated diagrams.

Progression Opportunities

We offer the Passive House Tradesperson, Consultant and Designer courses, Foundation Degrees in Sustainable Construction and Architectural Technology and Building Services with Renewable Energy.

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Entry Requirements

A background in the building industry is essential including an understanding of basic building principles.

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Course Costs

Total Fee Session dependent
Reduced Fee Session dependent

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Below are the sessions that are available for this course.

Campus: Enniskillen
Week Starting: 13 September 2017
Time: 19:00–22:00
Fee: £275.00
Reduced Fee: £0.00
Places Available: 0
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