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PassivHaus Designer Course

Level 5


This is the PassivHaus Institute accredited course and uniquely we are the only College to offer this. After completing this, Learners can undertake the accredited exams and operate as a certified PassivHaus Designer. The Learners will have access to site visits, completed built examples and a full set of learner's notes from the International Passive House Association will be provided and supplemented with online information. We use the licensed PHPP software and the SketchUp Designer plugin.


Duration: Session dependent
Hours per Week: Session dependent
Total Hours: Session dependent
Day(s): Session dependent
Start Time: Session dependent
End Time: Session dependent

Additional Information

During your course you may be required to purchase course text books and incur additional costs for printing, photocopying and binding. The overall additional costs incurred to support your studies may be in the region of £250 per year.

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Course Content

The topics studied are: Introduction to the Passive House Standard; The thermal envelope; Passive House airtightness workshop; Specification and Installation of windows; Passive House ventilation and heating; Passive House Economics; Passive House Planning Package (PHPP); Thermal imaging and modelling; Site supervision and quality assurance; Revision and exam preparation. The course is delivered by qualified Passive House Designers and Trainers who have a range of construction industry experience. We have a wide range of facilities such as demonstration models of airtightness and MVHR units to demonstrate the practical aspects of the course and accredited materials and products for familiarisation.

Assessment Method

The PassivHaus Institute exam is a three hour paper set four times annually.

Progression Opportunities

The Chartered Professional can become a PH Designer, those with industry experience can achieve PH Consultant.

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Entry Requirements

To achieve the PassivHaus Designer designation, the Learners must have a degree in a construction related discipline and be able to certify buildings. Otherwise the Institute designate the Learners as a consultant. Mature Learners will be assessed on a Learners basis.

Further Information

Students are required to: / Comply with College Policies and procedures, rules and regulations (available in your Student Diary/Higher Education Handbook, on-line: and on the College VLE). / Submit all coursework and assessments by specified dates, coursework submitted without consent after the deadline shall not normally be accepted. / Pass* all modules in each year of study in order to proceed to the next year of the programme. / The minimum overall pass* mark of 40% is required to be achieved in all modules.

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Course Costs

Total Fee Session dependent
Reduced Fee Session dependent

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Below are the sessions that are available for this course.

Campus: Enniskillen
Week Starting: 01 September 2018
Day: TBC
Time: 00:00–00:00
Fee: £0.00
Reduced Fee: £0.00
Places Available: 25
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